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Do I qualify for a home loan?

Here are all the answers to the question “Do I qualify for a home loan?” The answer to that question is really a four part question regarding you income, credit, assets, and property. The real questions to be asking are: Does my income qualify me for a mortgage? Does my credit meet mortgage requirements? Are my […]

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5 Reasons Your Home Appraisal Matters

If you have gotten to the point in the home buying process where an appraisal has been ordered, you’re now moving forward full steam ahead. Pre-approved. Check. Found the house. Check. Offer accepted. Check. Inspection passed with flying colors. Check. Condo meets requirements. Check. Time to order appraisal. Congratulations! It’s no secret that when buying a […]

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Zero Down Mortgage – USDA Home Loans

Zero Down Mortgage Did you know that even if you’re not a veteran you can buy a home with a zero down mortgage in many areas? And it’s not too good to be true. There are, however, some restrictions regarding location and income. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development guaranteed loan program […]

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The Mortgage Collateral

The Property Piece of the Mortgage Puzzle It’ game time. You have the steady job. Your down payment is sitting safely in your bank account. Your credit expert helped you get things cleaned up. You’re now ready to buy a home! It’s time to put together the last piece of the mortgage puzzle, the property. […]

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