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I am committed to making your home financing experience as simple and smooth as possible.

Ask me how we can consider even the most unique scenarios. I look forward to working with you!

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  1. […] Michigan First Mortgage and is an a passionate advocate for the borrower and devotes his website to the education and support of those seeking home financing.  Adam recently discovered […]

  2. How long after you purchase a home and rent it out can you take a line of credit out on it to purchase another property?

    6 months if there is enough equity in the home. http://

  3. The bank is selling the house at 168k. It is a short sale, but our appraisal came at 154k. What can we do?

    Renegotiate the price.

  4. […] it fun getting a mortgage pre-approval? You get your credit pulled by the nice guy in a tie at the bank. You tell him about […]

  5. Which one is better? FHA or conventional loan?

    Absolutely, for 750 FICO and 10% down, Conventional all day long. Why roll in an extra up front mortgage insurance premium (FHA), and pay a higher monthly mortgage insurance premium (FHA)? It’s a no-brainer in this particular case: Conventional. http:…

  6. What a fun, clean and easy way to get the information across to your borrowers! Love it!

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