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Adam Lesner | Brighton, Michigan | Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS 198818

2014 was a year like no other for me.

From business to family, my year has been extremely unique. I don’t know if there has ever been more rewarding time in my life.


We welcomed our 2nd daughter, Juliynn into the world on January 10th. Juli came as quite a surprise because my wife Jenna and I tried for years to have our first daughter, Adriynn. Low and behold we found ourselves with a second blessing to call our own. Naturally, Juli is the girl with mostly hand-me-downs from her sister, so that part was easy.

What came as a bit of a surprise to me was how leaving the house for a quick trip involved a 2 hour preparation. Diapers, food, bottles, back-up clothing (for blow-outs), a couple toys, etc. Getting ready to leave for an event IS an event. Wow, I had no idea! There is always that unexpected fit, mess, or unpredictable nap that can throw off the entire day.

People always say “Your life changes when you have kids.” I used to roll my eyes and think “Yeah? Really? I’m pretty sure I get that your life changes when you have kids.” But until you have kids, you have absolutely no clue.

You also cannot fathom the joy they bring to each day. The little noises they make. The looks they give. The daily growth that takes place. They bring magic back into the holidays. Watching someone learn new things, and being a part of that development is incredible. I try to be the cool Dad. I try to bring balance to the table. Fun, but responsible. Goofy, but respectable. I wish I could press pause and enjoy these rugrats in this stage a little bit longer. Witnessing and contributing to their growth fulfills me with happiness which I’m unprepared to describe in words.


After working for 2 mega lenders in previous years, I made the decision to shift my gears to work for a smaller lender this year. Why? Well, for 5 years I ended a lot of my conversations with “oh you know what, we don’t do those types of loans, your best bet is to contact your local lender or credit union.”

A lender that is homegrown, and will take a look at the borrower’s entire situation. An opportunity to look at mortgage lending from a common sense perspective. Even if the borrower doesn’t fit inside the normal lending guidelines, we have options.

It’s refreshing to say the least.

The challenge? Well there isn’t as much company provided marketing and visibility compared to what I was accustomed to. In the past, the majority of my business was generated from the marketing dollars the company I worked for spent. And I was at their mercy for how those calls rolled in and how they were dispersed.

Doing my own marketing now has put me more in the driver’s seat. Not exactly the most “safe” route to take. But a chance to be creative, and come up with my own ideas. Strengthening myadam lesner michigan mortgage pro own professional credibility, and expanding my own online visibility as a reliable mortgage guy. This blog you’re reading right now, my YouTube channel, social media, and more. Since I started taking this approach I’ve done more business for friends and family than ever before (which I am extremely grateful for), and even featured in a couple articles (like the one on this site click here). It’s been a fun transition.

Now I get people from all over Michigan and nation-wide contacting me for guidance on their mortgage needs as a result of some of the stuff I (along with some awesome people who have been featured guests on my blogs and videos) have done this year.

I can’t tell you how cool it is to get a call from a stranger who says “Hi Adam, I found you online, not sure if you can help me or not, but here’s my situation…” It’s extremely rewarding! Especially when I’m able to get it done for them, and several lenders told them NO already. We don’t approve everything, but we say “yes” to some of the most unique lending scenarios I’ve seen.


With my wife growing in her craft as a photographer, and getting her own studio opened up in Howell, this year is sure to bring new successes and challenges. We’re giving it our all to set the example to our kids that you can and should do what you love.[su_frame align=”center”]Studio Sesh howell michigan photography[/su_frame]

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  1. Sarah

    you’ve accomplished more in the last year than most people accomplish in their whole lives! go brother! <3

  2. Michele Lesner


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